Saturday, March 7, 2009

You're So Vain...You Probably Think This Blog is About You...

Anna says...
If I had the courage...I would write the following to the jerks that I have met this past year (and the scrum that is Guy):

Dearest Douche Bags,
Thank you for leading me on. Thank you for making me check my Facebook account every 10 minutes to see if you've messaged me. Thank you for disappointing me every time my phone rings. Thank you for pretending that I am the coolest, most attractive girl on the planet but refusing to acknowledge my existence and then make out with someone right in front of my face. Thank you for making me loose my cool every time I see that you've moved on. Thank you for acknowledging the fact that I will most likely be alone forever. Thank you for basically telling me that I'm not good enough. Thank you for making me feel invisible.

Yes you mother fuckers, I hate you, and hope that you suffer a violent case of runs for the next week and break out in hives from too much boozing...(or catch a very nasty STI that causes itching and peeling during exam time). You ass holes are a waste of viable sperm.

(You remember me don't you?That girl you thought was amusing and good for a laugh).

What brought on this sudden sense of rage? I went out tonight...(is that enough of an explanation?). I felt so uncomfortable...and invisible (as always). It was an awful experience, and I left at 11:00 PM after coming to the realization that "he" was not here. Why?

1. I had no confidence tonight (I'm assuming that if I was supposed to meet "him" I would feel sexy and delicious...but I was wearing enormous boots and a long sleeve top...making it difficult to dance without hearing large 'thudding'.)
2. I was wearing little to no makeup (I was having coffee with a friend when another friend phoned to tell me that there was a party...Had "he" been there, I'm assuming that I would have looked perfect).
3. We aren't going to meet at a bar. It just wouldn't work that way...(I hope).

I suppose that we live and learn from every experience...although the only thing I learned from this experience is that I seem to be the chick who blends into the decor of a room-adds diversity, but nothing to talk about. Maybe I should get some heels?

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  1. heels! Heels! HEELS!
    Even if it doesn't work out with the heels and you can't walk properly you can take them off and use them as a weapon next time you have a night like this