Friday, March 13, 2009

"L is for the way you look at me, O is for the only one I see..."

Ava Says....

Love, the elusive L-word. I’ve been in love and it was wonderful. It was also heartbreaking, terrifying, electrifying, exciting, sensual, and every other emotionally charged adjective you can think of. Unfortunately, we weren’t meant to last. It’s so hard for women these days to believe in love; cynicism and skepticism seem to be the way of the world nowadays. Unless you’re one of the few true romantics left in the world, like me, for example.

I agree with Anna – true love does still exist. Here’s my story.

Once upon a time, a seventeen-year-old girl totaled her car and had to take the bus to school. One day, she was riding the bus and a very handsome stranger caught her gaze. Immediately, this girl thought he was very cute and contemplated talking to him. However, before she could he got off the bus. Every day after that, this girl rode the bus hoping to catch a glimpse of the boy but alas, he never again boarded. Eventually the girl’s car was fixed and she no longer needed public transportation. A few months went by and as luck would have it, this girl found herself in another car accident that coincidentally put her back on the bus. For a brief moment, she thought that maybe, just maybe, that handsome stranger she saw on the bus that day would be riding again. He wasn’t. She rode the bus everyday, talking with her friend about another boy in her high school that had a crush on her. This girl didn’t really like this boy but decided why not give it a chance. When the girl boarded the bus for the last time (she was picking up her car that afternoon), she thought to herself that if the handsome boy was on the bus she would talk to him and if he wasn’t, she’d forget the fantasy and give this lowly high school boy a shot. When she boarded the bus, there he was. They met each other’s gaze and the boy started to talk to her. They talked through the entire bus ride and when he asked for her number, he invited her out to lunch the next day. She accepted and they have been together ever since.

True story. They’re married now. They’re friends of mine. A frivolous romantic comedy can be written based on this story, it really is amazing when you think about it. They’re the reason why I haven’t given up on love. They’re the reason why I think my prince charming is out there, riding the bus waiting patiently for me to board. Maybe we’ve already met….regardless; my love is out there, somewhere.

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