Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you know what she said?!

Amelia says -
I was driving back to work today and happily listening to the radio - until ...

"Rhianna is getting back together with Chris Brown to collaborate on a song. They are writing a love song together to symbolize forgiveness and moving on together. Rhianna says she is doing it because she believes it is her fault he hit her"

That was the first part that made me go "oooh! No!!!"

I'm sorry but if you get mad at me and you hit me, that is NOT my fault and I'm never going to say that it is. It's YOUR fault. YOUR'S.

Then ...

Announcer With Everything 1 "I don't know what to say about that. How can she say that?"
Announcing Service Speaker 2 "But what if it becomes the best love song ever?"
Awe: "I think that would make it worse"
Ass: "Well, it's saving Chris Brown's career"

Ass - you need to be smacked upside of the head. Who cares if it's the best love song ever? And sorry, but I doubt it. Most of the music produced by Rhianna and Chris Brown while catchy, is fleeting. But even if it were, Awe is right. It would be awful if a woman took responsibility for her abusive boyfriend's behaviour and then we decided that the results of that behaviour were love. That's not love. That's calling scapegoats. That's MY-SO-GE-NY. In other words ... BS

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  1. Anna says...
    Man, you and Ava are having say too much fun without me. Miss you guys.