Monday, March 2, 2009

Checklist Perfect

Ava Says...

Every woman has a checklist perfect man and if they say they don’t, they’re lying. A checklist perfect man encompasses every quality a woman desires to have in a significant other. What a scrumptious thought. The Perfect Man. I’ve met tons of guys that I think to myself, “hmm, you could be my checklist perfect man”, but they always seem to have a box or two devoid of a checkmark. Men who are intelligent, funny, and sweet often provoke zero passion, attraction or sexual appeal. Men who are drop dead sexy, and I mean, “I-will-gladly-fall-into-bed-with-you kind of sexy", are more often than not, self-involved, narcissistic, or don’t have all that much going on upstairs. While on a trip to Israel this past Christmas, I actually met my Mr. Checklist Perfect. The downside? He lives in another city, a city that I, almost moved to coincidentally. This guy is so close to what I would make myself if I could create male perfection. The recipe would be as follows: The cups represent importance on a scale of 1(slightly important) to 5(extremely important).

- 3Cups Intelligence
- 3Cups Ambition
- 3 Cups Drive
- 4 Cups Hilarity/Sense of humour
- 3Cups Attractiveness
- 5Cups Musicality (a musician themselves or someone with a genuine appreciation for the art form)
- 4Cups Sweet
- 4Cups Kind
- 4Cups Understanding
- 5Cups Loving
- 2Cups Tall (or taller than me)
- 4Cups Sexy
- 4Cups Genuine
- 4Cups Caring
- 3Cups Family Man

Obviously the sexiness and attractiveness factors are in regards to what I find attractive in a man (think Zac Braff, Jake Gyllenhaal, Gavin Degraw, Justin Timberlake, and Channing Tatum, all rolled into one)….now wouldn’t that be tasty.

I met someone with all these qualities while traveling the homeland…but as I stated a few lines above, he lives in a different province, *sigh.*

I guess that’s why they call It Checklist Perfect – there’s no such thing as perfect.

Another part of me wonders if perfect is all it’s cracked up to be. I love flaws and believe the key to a perfect relationship is loving your man not only for the positive qualities they possess, but for their flaws as well and loving them even more because of those flaws.

Now that’s what I call perfection.

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