Sunday, March 8, 2009

The birds and the bees

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Amelia says -

Who are the birds and the bees? I can never figure out which one's supposed to be the boy and which one's the girl. Maybe it's neither. Often it seems like they're both boys and it's an age old homoerotic reference. Either way, I thought it would be amusing to do my figuring publicly. So here goes:

Birds ~
It's another word for your wang! Therefore the birds are boys
Birds eat bugs .... therefore they are girls (do I need to explain that one? That a bee can fit inside a bird ...?)
Birds are peckers ... so are boys
Birds are pretty (so must be girls)
Unless they are turkeys or vultures with their greyish, pinkish wrinkly skin (ahem ... boys)

Bees ~
and pollinate
and visit many "flowers" in one day
(I can't even think of any reasons why the bees would be the girls)

Therefore it is my conclusion, based on my entirely scientific reasoning and the *majority rules rule* that both are boys. Which is cool. But where do I fit in?

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