Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The IT Factor

Anna says...
I don't know if you've noticed ladies...but some people have 'it'. 'It' isn't really clearly defined these days-it involves mystery, confidence, arrogance, sex...I can list of people who have it, but I can't tell you what it is.

The 'it' factor doesn't necessarily involve good looks. Actually, some of the best 'it' people are not beautiful...actually, a lot of them are the opposite. But somehow, they manage to take that ridiculous looking nose and that awful chin and turn it into sexiness.

I once knew a girl who had 'it'. Actually, we were best friends. When I first met her, I thought she was the most ridiculous looking person I've ever seen in my life. Huge honker. Pale and pasty skin. Stringy hair. Strange looking. You know what though? Every guy in high school was in LOVE with her. She thought that she was hot, and some how she had convinced everyone else that she was.

I remember her telling me that it was all about confidence-posture, eye contact, head high, breasts out...It was to the point where people were scared of her because she was so sure of herself. And now that I think about it, she wasn't beautiful or moderately good looking, she was sexy.

Looks don't matter. Yeah, I know...we are a looks obsessed society (and I refuse to talk about this, because really...it's been talked about to death) but I think it's just a shortcut...a way to surpass confidence and just get attention first.

How do you get the right kind of confidence? What is supposed to run through your mind when you want to summon that inner sex-pot? I don't think that I can be of any help here...but I am probably the furthest thing from sexy...(I mean, how can you be sexy when you're 5'3 with a goofy looking smile plastered on your face sincethe day of your birth?). But, I usually feel sexiest when I'm listening to a good song...something that distracts me and I couldn't care less what I look like when I'm enjoying...hair toss, sultry eyes...smoldering stare...

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