Friday, March 6, 2009

Batman, Catwoman, S & M

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Amelia says -
We all knew catwoman was into it all along. She wears a skin tight leather cat suit. She's got a whip. She can fit a whole *bird* in her mouth without using her teeth. She can "lick" herself. All of these sure signs that her sex life is riddled with fetishes.

But it wasn't until I was watching an old batman movie last night that I realized the feeling was mutual. Catwoman is Batman's favourite pussy and she likes it rough. Whether she is romping with Batman or not, she's always up for pain. You shoot her - she asks for more. She does have nine lives afterall.

And the costumes. We all know playing dress-up can spice up the bedroom. Add a bit of violence and you've got yourself some S&M. And I don't know if you've noticed (but I have) just how many times they end up on top of each other - easily able to unmask or "finish each other off" but they don't. They prolong their enjoyment, staying in character ... Straddling, Mounting ... Squealing and Moaning ... What a Sexy Masquerade.

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