Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Imagine the possibilities

*image courtesy of images4.cafepress.com

Amelia says -

We all have our fetishes.
I like to be ziggled (when you run your fingers along my back tickling me into ecstasy)
Some people like to cross dress, some people like certain foods, some are turned on by men doing housework (blush, gulp)

But imagine if you could guess someone's fetish based on their appearance. That's what Ava and I decided we were capable of doing at the pub on the weekend. And this is what we discovered.

That guy, across from us. Downing the beers in about 3 seconds flat. With the tee shirt that had a body outline on it - he likes to choke you.

The guy on the other side of the bar with the beret. He likes you to speak "naughty french" to him - even though he doesn't understand a word of it and you could probably make him cum in his pants just by whispering "ma puce est dans ton trou de cul" (my thumb is in your asshole)

That one with the bushy beard? He looks a bit like a leprechon? He likes girls with red hair. And his favourite position is the 4 leaf clover.

The lumberjack, he loves his trees.

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