Saturday, March 7, 2009


Amelia says
*This is my own very special idea of what really turns me on*

- borrowed from Captain Joshua Regal by A.M. Hartnett (and slightly - or drastically - altered after the fact):

"Fucking hell! I'm so tired I could gouge my eyes out, but my head won't stop humming." He lifted his chin to survey the length of his body and the pitifully limp thing between his legs. Mischief shone in his eyes. "Give us a kiss, woman. You're the very thing I've been looking for forever but never knew I needed till now"Eden rose up and hovered over his mouth, nibbling his bottom lip and teasing his tongue, drawing back when he offered her more. His body stiffened in expectation of what else was to come but she pushed herself up and walked away instead. Studying her face in the mirror she saw him walk up behind her and felt his soft bites on the side of her neck. She heard him whisper "you are beyond perfect just as you are". It was her turn to anticipate what he would do - the familiar hands gripping her breasts and moving their way downward until they found what they were looking for. She was pleasantly surprised when instead, he reached around her with a cupped hand and swept his crumbs off the dresser top where he had put on an amusing show earlier trying to eat biscuits while shaving. She watched him sweep his hand across the wood ensuring that every last bit was accounted for and, mesmerized, she followed his hand as it moved to the trash bin emptying its contents and reoffered to her as a symbol of openness, willingness to start fresh.

So maybe not everyone found that hot ... but that's what I want. A fine balance between sexual intrigue, gentleness, personal validation or praise, and shared responsibility for the home. My heroine may seem quiet and passive to some of you, but if the story were to continue you would see that she is one tough cookie who is not willing to settle for anything less than she deserves. Who demands that respect be mutual and does not accomodate disrespectful behaviour with sexual gratification.

What a woman ... sigh


  1. Thanks for sharing! :) Great literature! I found it HOT for sure :)

  2. After 24 years of marriage, nothing turns my wife on like when I clean the bathroom.
    Lesson to you guys, don't let this happen to you:

  3. Ava says....

    This was fantastic and I think should be an ongoing series for you Amelia. lol.