Saturday, March 14, 2009

I think I'll pass

Amelia says -

I think I can do without this love thing. Especially if it's the mushy gushy needy feeling that seems to follow me through my relationships. I can't handle romance. Maybe that's a sign of my immaturity (I'm turning 26 in 2 days) or maybe it's genetic (if you pick me flowers instead of skewering a cow you obviously won't make a good mate) or maybe it's a sign of the times (where efficiency and productivity is the way to go and I just can't figure out how this romantic BS is either of those).

But I went out last night with some friends and could totally see the appeal of the guy who was flirting with my friend via Indian Leg Wrestling on the floor - you'll just have to look it up if you don't know what I'm talking about - or my coworker who was incredibly drunk but indulged me in a few grappling sessions - again look it up.

Last I heard competing with the person you are wooing, especially competing in some type of physical challenge, isn't romance - but it's hot. The guy who sidled up behind me and slowly but surely grabbed my bum? Not hot. Just to clarify. Made my hands sweat but only because I felt incredibly creeped out. Goofing around, scrapping it out, making inappropriate jokes, dancing like a lunatic - hot. Made me sweat too but I'll happily pour for those activities.

So can hot replace romance? Just for a little while? Because I think I'd feel way more comfortable in that world. JT brought the sexy back for a reason. For some of us, it's just more important.

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