Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm in love with a stripper

Amelia says -
Well, not currently. And not in love. But it was a good title.

I did date a stripper though. Without knowing his second occupation of course (He told me he worked for the government).

I met him online. Said he was after my brains – which is an immediate turn on in case you didn’t know. We know you’re after our boobies and sex. We love to hear that you think we’re smart and that you think that’s dreamy. And he was gorgeous. Ripped. Well dressed.

I stuck to my rules though. 2 weeks of chatting before meeting in person. Did I mention he had a hot tub? We sat in there for hours eating chocolate and drinking beer. I nearly passed out when we got out from being in there too long. Aside from that day though, he was kind of a dud. A little strange, a little self-involved, a little bit of an alcoholic. I suggested we be friends instead.

To which he responded with a message on my phone saying: I don’t know if you realize that I’m also a stripper. If you ever have a party or anything and you need someone to dance, give me a call. You’d get a discount being on of my friends.

I’m not really sure where he got confused. I’m pretty sure when I think of friends I think of respectful and supportive people who enjoy spending time together who do not have romantic feelings for each other and do non-romantic things. Now, I don’t necessarily think stripping is “romantic” but it’s definitely on the sexy spectrum no?

I guess he took after the elephants. Big head, no brain.

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