Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maitres chez nous.

I went to a thing today. It was a thing about careers in the foreign service. For the first time in my law school career I actually felt excited for me. I forgot how that feels.

We are "maitres chez nous"-masters of our own house. I think that I forgot that for a while. It's not like I've come to this sudden realization or anything, because tomorrow morning I'm going to be faced with the same self-doubt and anxiety about my lack of love life, but I forgot that waiting around batting my eyelashes is a douche move. I mean, we all have so much potential in us...don't we? Woman are more powerful than they EVER were and since WHEN (WHEN!) did we EVER need a GUY (a STUPID GUY!) to validate us? Crickets...I think I am the last one on the planet to come to this realization....didn't Betty Friedman write this in The Feminine Mystique like 50 years ago? Hmmmm...

Anyways...I realized that waiting around for Guy to realize that I AM worth is really quite pathetic. Yeah, he's witty. Yeah, he's kind of cute. Yeah, he makes me laugh...but so are a good 1/4 of the male population (please God...let this be true). I was going to back this up with an optimistic fact that there are TONS of men out there, but just discovered there is one male for every two females at the moment. Sonofab*tch.

In any case. I've made a decision. If I am 35 and single, I will:

- I will attend the Cordeau Bleau in France (I've always wanted to be a chef).

- I will take a ridiculous vacations to exotic locations like Malta or Crete.

- I will adopt a child (or a dog...maybe a puppy).

- I will stop going to the gym and begin a diet of high cal foods like Starbucks frapps and loafas from Cookies By George for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

- I would buy myself an enormous bed and sleep my entire weeked away.

- I will own my own house

What would you do if you were forever single?

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