Saturday, February 28, 2009

Love Is A Battlefield

Anna says...
I'm waiting...for the group of girls that I'm supposed to go with to the Law Med Mixer. So far, the night is progressing exactly as I stated previously. I'm wearing my black top and my dark blue jeans. I did my makeup...but decided to add blush and sparkles. My hair is sprayed and tied-back waiting to be unleashed...

So here I wait.

I recently heard something that made me very angry.

This guy I know, who is as sweet as honey...he cheated on his girlfriend ...with a girl with a big ass and big tits. I couldn't believe it. It's his fault. He clearly couldn't keep it in his pants (clearly). But ladies, I thought that we were different. I thought that we were better than that.

It's hard being a woman. PMS. Periods. Hormones. Weight gain. Emotional turmoil. Longing to be loved...Each of us has been there. So why the fuck would you want to cheat on someone that loves you? Full well knowing how it would feel to have her heartbroken? I just don't understand.

I keep thinking of Christmas time where my family would play Secret Santa. Everyone bought a gift and put it under a tree, and then opened them at the same time...After ooohhing and ahhhing at their presents we had the option of stealing another person's. I always thought this was stupid...I mean, HOW RUDE! How can you just walk up to someone and go...YOINK-mine now.

I'm thinking that going up to a girl and clearly stating that you would like to steal their boyfriend is A LOT better that sneaking around behind a bush going at 'er for a good 10 minutes and then pretending nothing happened...We're better than this.

And're ruining your reputation with this shit. If you can be so easily swayed by a pair of big tatas and sex then you are clearly pathetic and should have your dick chopped off to spare the human race your spawn.

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