Saturday, February 28, 2009

I have been guilty of stupid too ... but COME ON!

Amelia says -

I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot of idiotic conclusions about women being made by various men in the last little bit.

I was in a store yesterday and the radio was on. On the radio, I could hear a man talking about the recession. It was his expert opinion that the economy would benefit from a more conservative way of life … if women stayed at home and stopped participating in the work force.

Now, which women exactly is he proposing should stay at home? The ones who are single mothers with one, maybe two, maybe seven children to take care of? The ones who consider themselves feminists who have worked for years to earn equal rights in all spheres of life - perhaps beginning with the work force? Or perhaps the women who don’t need to eat, who don’t wear clothes, or sleep indoors, or make babies, or get sick or do anything that requires money to be sustainable?

I already told you that at karaoke last night a guy came up to me and told me he was quite certain that I directed my rendition of “I touch myself” to him.

Just how small is your dick? Because your big head and huge ego can’t be accidental. You must be trying to compensate for something. You saw me, thought I was cute, and assumed that I would incorporate you (strange creepy man) into my fantasies and would be longing for you while I’m alone.

Ok, maybe I haven’t heard a lot of idiocies about women … maybe it was just two. Or maybe these are the only two examples I am able to recall without exploding and killing us all. Because if these statements are examples of what general society believes about women …? Sorry, I couldn’t finish the sentence. I was thinking about slitting my wrists.

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