Friday, February 27, 2009

I have a frozen womb

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Amelia says -

That's not something you would catch me saying. My womb isn't frozen - it works, and it is available for room and board some day when I decide I'm ready. When I have a healthy relationship with a fantastic guy who is on board and ready to go. I’m not even on board yet so I don’t expect my current beau to be either. And that’s ok. But I was watching a show about babies and the host - who has none - claimed that she has a frozen womb and that many women these days without children are in the same boat. Which is disgusting and enthralling at the same time. There are so many things wrong with this show that I can't even count them and my mind is racing with ideas and anger while I'm writing this now.

But first things first, why can't we just say: "I don't want children myself" or "I don't want to start a family". It's ok. You're still a woman. We're not going to throw you off the boat because you've decided for whatever reason that you don't want to go through morning sickness, or be a role model for life, or push a watermelon through your vagina. Not wanting to do those things is entirely reasonable.

And guys? There are more women like me than you may be aware. You might feel pressures once you reach a certain age to find a nice girl from Pasadena to settle down with and start a clan of your own but we feel those pressures too and sometimes we resist them just as heartily as you do. So stop jumping ship because you think you know what’s coming. Sometimes, you don’t have a clue. And I hope you don’t find this too insulting but maybe I think that if you’re not smart enough to figure out I’m not ready for babies, I don’t want to help you breed little morons anyway.

But instead, some women who don't want to reproduce feel they need to put themselves down in order to express that non-desire. Or that they are not whole, not functioning women if they aren't planning on spending a year or two of their lives as an incubator.

Slightly sidetracked, I am in awe of how many nautical references I just made without even using the word seamen.

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