Thursday, February 26, 2009

I rocked that boat

Amelia says -

What a dream boat. I started dating this guy in March. By June, he broke up with me. Let me down easy -

Forgive me for the tangent but let me down easy? Come on. Every time someone lets you down easy you don’t let go at all. Because “it wasn’t you, it’s me” and then you figure you can just wait until the “bad thing” goes away and you can be together again. Or that if it wasn’t you, you can fix the other issues. Or hang around to be supportive while this poor dear (I mean Big Dick) tries to straighten out the problem.

Back to Dreamy Mc Boat. He just wasn’t ready for a relationship. Fine.

We continued having movie nights, parties, supper … breakfast … and everything in between for a year. My most passionate relationship to date we had at least one big fight per week. While we were fighting we divided “our” friends back up into his and mine. I remember having one fight because after fighting, he had shown up at a party one of “my” friends was having and I just wanted to have fun without him. Another fight spurred from watching 28 Days Later together after which he chased me around his house pretending to be a zombie. Because he obviously wouldn't know when enough was enough this resulted in me standing in the bathtub crying and threatening him with a plunger. To go along with each big fight we had one big make up session per week. We were known for “rocking the trailer” - literally.

Every week I was reminded “we’re not dating”. After each reminder I celebrated being single by picking kissable guys at the bar to make out with. They never held my attention for long. I was in love - or at least in intense lust - with Monsieur Bateau des Reves. I would call him, tell him what I’d done and how much I ‘loved’ not being his girlfriend.

The ironic part is, he loved not being in a relationship with me too. And not for the reason you’re thinking. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the free sex. He couldn’t say it, name it or even let me assume it but he could commit. That whole year I revenge-kissed upwards of 20 guys. He only kissed me.

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