Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neurotica Part 2

Ava Says...

So Amelia gave us her installment a couple months back and I found it so amusing I thought, why not make it a regular column of sorts. So here is my approach, for your reading pleasure.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the world,” He said taking her hand in his and pulling her close.

She rolled her eyes. “Please, if Megan Fox was sitting in this living room I’m sure you’d trade up.”

“Nonsense” he exclaimed. “I think you are the most attractive, seductive, intelligent, funny, and charming woman I’ve ever met and I thank my lucky stars every night that you chose me.”

She turned her head away from him so to conceal the rosy flush surfacing on her cheeks.

“Don’t shy away from me” he started. “I mean every word. When you blush with embarrassment, I fall even more in love with you. You are so sexy. I hope you know that you’re the only one for me; it infuriates me to know that other men have hurt you in the past. Although at least their shortcomings have brought you to me so I guess in our case I should be thanking those douche bags who have hurt you” He smiled and enveloped her supple lips in an explosive kiss.

“I love the way you kiss me” She sighed. He smiled as his hands slowly trailed down to her ample bosom, gently caressing each mound.

Soft moans escaped her lips as his hands continued to explore every inch of her body.

“I love that you’re a real woman. I hate women who think starving themselves is attractive. You are perfect.”

“Really?” She asked surprised.

“Don’t sound so surprised” He said. “Real women have curves; there is nothing sexy about touching a bag of bones.”

His hands continued to wander, trailing down her stomach, landing comfortably on her moist, aching butterfly. He stopped, smirking as he slid out from under her clutches.

“Such a tease” She sighed slumping further into the couch.

“As much as I would love to pleasure you all night long, I have to make us dinner first” He kissed her forehead.

“Do you need any help” She called.

“Oh no” he replied. “I’ll be rewarding myself by having my gorgeous girl for dessert. Oh, and don’t feel the need to return the favour, men don’t really like oral sex.”

“Can I return the favour anyway?” She asked seductively.

“As long as I can have you first and for as long as you can take it. Me? Two minutes is enough, I don’t want to take time away from you” He responded kissing her gently on the nose.

“Deal” She replied.

“Deal” He smiled as he tied an apron tightly around his muscular frame.

"Picture perfect" She smiled.

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