Thursday, April 2, 2009

What do you lie about?

Amelia says -

I was watching Sex and the City (that evil but wonderful display of female sexual liberty and independence - complete with freeom of cash flow and mostly independently beautiful, but sometimes gawdy, clothing and accessories). When it went to commercial, the network would flash little multiple choice questions related to celebs, the show, or to the things men and women do to and with one another. One such tidbit informed me that "39% of men have lied to get a woman in bed". Seriously? Could you go back and ask them all what they're lying about? Because that's a lotta lies, I tells ya.

Just by thinking about it I'm pretty sure I can guess some of the things they might be lying about:

"I really dig you" Often accompanied by "I'm totally sober" "I'm a successful ______" and "I've never had an STI"

"I'm single". Often followed by "didn't I mention I'm seeing someone?" or "what we had was just fun right?"

"I don't watch porn". Sometimes preceding or following you finding the names of multiple porn sites in their computer's "favorites" list.

"You're the prettiest/sweetest/best girl I've ever met" ... followed by silence after they bed you because they didn't even really like you - just wanted to get their rocks off.

and "I barely ever drink" contradicted by the drunken ass saying it.

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