Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I lost it to Kenny G

Amelia says -

And ever since there has been a string of men coming (cuming?) in and out of my life. I know, I'm often cruder than there is any need to be. They come with more and less interesting names than Kenny G did (not the singer - I do have standards). Like Demba (mmm .... favorite name, favorite face to go with it. Fuck he was beautiful) and ... Joel (favorite body, it's a shame he's a stripper with no brains).

I got stuck a few times. For progressively longer periods with guys who were progressively imperfectly suited to me. Shit hey?

And now I'm jaded and protective. While that's a fun place to be (sometimes), I'm not sure it's the kindest.

So I plow through them ... enjoying myself as often as possible along the way. Because I really do enjoy enjoyment, but if it isn't happening, I really will rip your head off and eat you alive. And now I'm on my second Sean (who I'm really into but in denial about), Ryan (a friend I sleep with when I'm bored), Jay (a friend of a friend I sleep with when I'm drunk), and Jerr (who I've yet to have a successful date with but who I'm strangely attracted to (at least physically - what?! the physical ISN'T all that matters?!) nonetheless.

(I didn't mean to but this seems to have turned into a post (host) of asides).

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